FIDA Robo Advisory Services

The offering of digital wealth management solutions for investing without human interaction and low transaction fees is becoming more and more attractive for banks, financial advisors, investors and issuers.

A Robo-Advisory (R.A.) service automatically creates a tailor made investment portfolio that is based on the customer profile in terms of risk/return, knowledge, needs and investing objective.

Once that the user portfolio is created the R.A. invests in a predefined securities universe through a full or a semi automatized process, giving to the user the opportunity to monitor his investments in a transparent way and stop the Robot whenever he wants.

Looking at the entire system, the process itself is complex because during the portfolio creation, or when the R.A. is running, the digital advisory system has to make decisions: choose and compare instruments, automatically rebalance the asset distribution, reinvest the liquidity…etc. ; different engines manages each workflow element.

Following the technology trend, FIDA offers all the software components in order to manage investments in an automatized way.

You can choose which robot you want to use in order to provide the required solutions for your customers.

FIDA robotization process

FIDA uses an individual approach for each of its customers, giving the possibility to choose the needed service and implement it in the customers’ workflow.

To summarize: what does actually FIDA offer?

  • Customer profiling with Robot2;
  • Model portfolio definition Robot3 : final Portfolio model construction based on the Robot2.;
  • Suggested portfolio Robot4: analysis of the existing portfolios and creation of order lists to be executed through the OMS;
  • Execution Robot5: OMS with direct market execution (If possible or available);

All the robots have a periodic checking of the adequacy

FIDA robotization process 



Robotization of the portfolio's maintenance workflow through "OPEN MODEL" with the following key elements:

  • Open model without built-in algorithms dedicated to the model-portfolios construction but model-portfolios created by external specialists (Advisor) in Asset Allocation and Market Timing;
  • Unique Customer Profiling with multivariate method that guarantees a complete profiling customer with all the metrics suggested by ESMA;
  • Possibility for the Advisor in isolating portions of the portfolio and dedicate it to "Target Dates Calendar" in order to manage a financial planning in the short-medium term;

FIDA robotization process 


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