Service for creation, maintenance and distribution of KIDs for PRIIPs.

The upcoming EU-regulation requires manufacturers and advisors of insurance-based products and structured investment to provide an end users with the KIDs (Key Information Documents). The regulations come into force on the 31st December 2016. For the issuers, these changes demands an additional efforts which are cost and time consuming. To decrease the impact of the regulations on the businesses, FIDA offers services which allows to comply with all the required rules with the minimum amount of costs.

The regulations will come into force on the 31st December 2016.

Are you ready for KIDs production, maintenance and distribution?

FIDA offers a service which enables you to produce a complex documentation for regulatory purposes in a simple way. Our solution allows you to elaborate, organize and update the KIDs through our web based platform.

This service is suitable for the asset classes as Insurance Life Products & Unit Linked, OTC Derivatives, Structured Products/Notes, Structured Deposits, Certificates , ETc, ETn.

With this service, you will benefit from:

  • Easy and Fast Access: Single point of access to your data from any place in any time;
  • Full Compliance: The documentation complies with the regulatory requests;
  • Save Time: Once you customized your working environment, the further process is automatized;
  • Utilize tools: Calculate KID quantitative segments (performance scenarios, costs, MRM, CRM);
  • Release: Merge KIDs into the pdf format and publish it for your customers;

KIDs for PRIIPs Producers
Do you want to receive updated documents for the investors, financial advisors and all your potential customers in a fast and easy way?

FIDA manages the distribution, maintenance and all the updating process of the legally required pre-sale documentation for you. The compliant documents are collected on time in order to meet any regulator’s requests.

By using FIDA’s KIDs Document feed service, you’ll eliminate the need for handling the issuers profiles for each of your products. It allows you to reduce your costs and complexity of compliance while improving your retail network and the distribution infrastructure.

With the wide range of the FIDA’s issuers database, you will get an opportunity to obtain the documents in order to allow your customers to get immediate access to the updated KIDs.

KIDs for PRIIPs Producers


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