Distribution is key to the success of a fund.

Asset managers make the best effort in order to reach investors on a global scale and working with a wider range of distribution partners.

Whether your target investor base is retail, institutional or private wealth we provide practical assistance in implementing your distribution strategy.

FIDA offer a selection of fund-related web tools, as showcased on this website. All of the web tools are available to be re-branded and hosted on third-party websites. Our current suite of online tools include: Libraries of information containing:


  • Fund management group-produced documents, including fund factsheets, report & accounts and simplified prospectuses;

  • Interactive factsheets;
  • Independent fund-specific research documents;
  • Fund performance data;
  • Fund Comparison Tool - a sophisticated and comprehensive tool that enables you to compare fund performance and data for up to six funds;
  • Portfolio Analysis - a detailed presentation of portfolio attributes including asset allocation, top ten holdings, industry sectors, geographies, credit quality, performance etc.
FIDA Factsheet Production Service offers a fast, efficient process which can cover every aspect of factsheet creation, from the initial design right through to the monthly publication of each document. You choose whether we consult on factsheet content and graphic design or simply produce your pre-designed documents.

  • Speed: following the initial layout phase, factsheets can be produced and ready to publish. Once updated they are immediately published onto each platform that uses our document service. (This could potentially include your own website.)
  • Efficiency: we can minimise the time and effort required each month to create all of the analysis on your factsheets, as we will create all of the required asset allocation, sector and geographical analysis directly from your up-to-date fund stock listings. 
  • Quality: to complete the process we have developed a unique ‘factsheet compliance suite’ which allows you to sign off each factsheet before they are finally published in a live environment.

The Key Investor Information Document (KIID) was introduced in July 2011 as part of the UCITS IV Directive. It is designed to replace the simplified prospectus in a new notification procedure within the EU. The KIID format and wording has been heavily prescribed by the ESMA (European Securities and Markets Authority) with the objective of providing retail investors with a “plain language” document from which to compare all UCITS products.


FIDA have undertaken extensive research into KIID requirements offering a KIID preparation, management, monitoring and dissemination service to enable asset managers to outsource the preparation and on-going maintenance of the KIID.

This service includes derivation of the disclosed financial, risk and cost information and the management of sets of KIIDs for access by investors, distributors and regulators. It also integrates with FundAssist’s EU notification and non-EU registration service.


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