Providing real knowledge for Financial Advisers at the click of a mouse

FIDAworkstation is an internet-based fund research and marketing tool that allows you to build, monitor and analyze investment portfolios.

We use consistently updated, accurate sources of local and international investment product data - simply tell us the fund data you need and we will provide it. 

FIDA workstation

  • Keep It Simple – Fida Workstation is built for simplicity: finding informations, monitoring and alerting, importing informations, reporting, everything in a friendly environment.
  • Greater product intelligence - Advisers can benefit from product intelligence with access to up-to-date and reliable data on thousands of funds stored within FIDA's international database.
  • Enhanced client service – We’ll provide you with high-impact client communications and services through insightful fund research, timely fund data, with an easy-to-use front end.
  • Accurate data quality - FIDA's rigorous data validation processes ensure you give clients up-to-date product profiles based on the latest available fund information.
  • NO software installations - FIDAworkstation is a web-based tool that can be accessed from any location. With FiDA, you are free from complicated software installations, software upgrades and manual updating of data.

What will FIDAworkstation do for Financial Advisers?

FIDAworkstation allows you search, view, analyse and create detailed reports and high-impact performance graphics for your clients. You can also now monitor and present a client's fund portfolio performance.

FIDAworkstation includes:

  • Performance and Risk Analysis;
  • Fact Sheets;
  • Fund Screening;
  • Portfolio Optimisation;
  • Real and Model Portfolios;
  • Import Utilities.

Find your Fintech partner with FIDAinformatica using Software as a Service:

  • Advanced Analytics;
  • Portfolio Tools;
  • Robo-advisor;
  • Risk Management;
  • Fund Selector.

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