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Our internet-based fund research and marketing tool for analysis and financial instruments picking that allows you to build, monitor and analyze investment portfolios.

Funds Data Feeds Service

We collect fund prices, dividends, histories, and factsheet data on over 60.000 onshore and international funds directly from source.

FIDA Investment Research

FIDA Research Center now brings together ratings, analysis, portfolio modelling, risk assessment, quantitative and qualitative assessment into a package that is designed to help advisers meet the challenges of MIFID2.


FIDA’s robo advisor software components deliver easy-to-understand products and enhances the digital wealth management capabilities of an investment firm.


FIDA maintains its own database. After collecting and normalizing data from main financial markets (equities, bonds, ETF, derivatives) and asset managers (mutual funds, hedge funds) FIDA creates customized data feeds targeted to software applications, databases, intranet or websites.
Our Financial Research Centre activities focuses on many fields: analysis and statistics on financial markets and instruments, daily reports regarding economics, quantitative, technical and algorithmic analysis", model portfolios, MIFID compliance processes and methods. Furthermore, FIDA has developed and implemented the FIDArating system: classification, categorization and evaluation of financial instruments.
FIDA develops and distributes financial suite intended for professional use as for financial advisers and planners. FIDA especially focus on: portfolio analysis, MIFID compliance, asset selection, risk management and more.

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